Plant list

Serving your needs with the highest standard of technology

Technologies and Plant list

Keeping up with the evolution of technology and the market, L.M. & P. Srl has a plant list of advanced machinery designed to ensure the entire production process is as efficient as possible.

Partnering for the last 40-plus years with countless industries in various fields – automotive, hospital, pharmaceutical, electronic and manufacturers of components for gardening and household goods – our company employs the latest technologies and is equipped with precision machinery.

For the manufacturing side of its business, L.M. & P. Srl uses a series of lathes, milling machines, wire and sinker EDM, drills and profile grinders with a view to producing quality, versatile tooling that is built to last and fully meet your requirements

  • Fresa alta velocità OKUMA MA650VB 1530X660X610
  • Fresa alta velocità OKUMA & HOWA MILLAC 852V 2050X850X750
  • Tornio OKUMA  LB300 ø300×800
  • Tornio MONOFAP 260X1500
  • Fresatrice OMV ROLLER XL 2000x1800x800
  • Fresatrice DIGMA 850 850X600X500
  • Fresatrice PARPAS THS100 2500x1000x1200
  • Fresatrice PARPAS SL75 2000X750X1050
  • Fresatrice MIKRON VC1000 1000X600X600
  • Fresatrice OMV FAS 2 650X450X450
  • Rettifica ROSA 1000 C   1000X500
  • Macchina profili JONES&SHIPMAN 540 500X250
  • Rettifica RIBON 1000
  • Erosione a filo AGIE 220 400X250X256
  • Erosione a tuffo INGERSOLL GANTRY 1200 1000x1510x650
  • Erosione a tuffo INGERSOLL GANTRY 800  850X550X450
  • Trapano radiale CMR KR 65-1600