L.M. & P. Stampi

High-precision, high-quality dies and moulds

Design and manufacture of tooling for die-casting and injection/two-shot moulding

L.M. & P. Srl has been in the business of manufacturing injection moulds for thermoplastics and die-casting dies for aluminium and light alloys since 1973. Over the decades, our company has grown to keep pace with increasingly sophisticated technologies.
L.M.& P. Srl also specializes in the design and manufacture of moulds for the two-shot injection moulding of plastic and rubber combinations.

Thorough research into the technical issues associated with the product, the choice of the most suitable materials and painstaking care throughout the manufacturing process result in high-quality tooling built to last and fully meet your specifications.

L.M. & P. Srl is an Italian company based in Mansuè di Treviso in the Northeast, where we have a roughly 3000 sq m production facility. We have a staff of 20 and can build dies and moulds weighing up to 7-8 tonnes in total.